Frequently Asked Questions

Swim Classes: The Details

The Crawfish Swim School offers swimming lessons 7 days per week, year round, in a one class per week format. Swimmers who would like to do additional classes per week can do so by signing up for another class day for the duration of the session or by asking about our drop-in lessons.

Tell me more about Parent & Child Classes.

Water Babies

Water Babies is our free class for babies 2-5 months old and their parent(s) to become familiar with aquatic breath control, buoyancy and movement. Parents learn tips on how to develop comfort and confidence handling their child in the water.

Water Tykes

Water Tykes is our class for children 6-28 months old and their parent(s). Swimmers are introduced to basic swimming skills including water orientation, breath control, gentle submersion, floating and kicking, and independent roling. Parents learn verbiage and spotting techniques to facilitate their child’s learning.

Tell me more about Group Classes.

Small group classes are offered for children ages 2-12 years old. Group classes are split by age and skill level, so no matter what time of the year your swimmer begins their lessons they will join a group on their same level.

Tell me more about Private & Semi-Private Classes.

Private classes are offered for children and adults (minimum of 18 months old for private and 2 years old for semi-private).

To enroll in Semi-private lessons, swimmers must be of similar age and skill level. Parents are responsible for finding partner swimmers for semi-private lessons. Crawfish Swim School does not facilitate finding partner swimmers for semi-private lessons. Register the first swimmer and put a note in the comments you would like a semi-private and the additional swimmer. We will contact you to complete registration.

Do You Offer Drop In Lessons?

Drop in lessons are offered to current members who may want or need an additional day between their lessons. Ideal for fearful swimmers or those just looking to advance their skills without committing to an additional lesson day for the duration of the session. Ask your front desk or call us about drop-in lessons if you are a current member.

  • Drop in lessons are not available for non-members.

Registration, Enrollment, Withdrawal

All Crawfish Swim School registration is done through our website for new members or Parent Portal for current/previous members. Our new App allows for registration through our website or Parent Portal all in one place! Parents may register at either of our facilities using Crawfish Swim School tablets or computers if needing assistance.

Registration made easy with our app for Apple and Android

Our new Crawfish Swim School App for your smartphone is a one click way to have access to your Parent Portal and our website! Register for classes, check class schedules, make payments, schedule makeups, and more in our new app!

How long is my Enrollment Commitment?

Group Classes are session based enrollments. We offer Fall, Spring & Summer Sessions. When registering for group classes swimmers are committed to the full session. There will be no withdrawal option for group class swimmers before the published session end date. Prorates are available if enrolling after a Session start date.

Private, Semi-Private and Water Tykes classes are monthly enrollments. Swimmers are considered enrolled and billable unless a withdrawal form is submitted by the 15th of the month you would like to withdraw (ex: Withdrawal form submitted by June 15 to not continue into July; swimmers last class would be the last week of June). If no withdrawal form is submitted swimmers will continue to be enrolled from month to month until the published session end date.

Do you offer Trial Classes?

We do not offer trial lessons. Young children thrive in environments where they have built trust with their instructors and are routinely practicing skills through progressive learning. We do not believe one or two trial lessons are fair to swimmers without these benefits.

Do you offer Evaluations?

We do not evaluate swimmers for placement into group levels before their first lesson. Please use our Level Finder to find the best fit for your swimmer. We will evaluate swimmers during their first lesson to ensure they are in the correct skill level. We will let you know after their first lesson if they are not in the correct skill level and assist you in finding a new class.

How do I Withdraw from a Class?

Session Based Classes- Group Classes

Group class enrollment is session-based. Group class swimmers are committed to the full session upon registration, therefore there is no withdrawal prior to the published session end date.

Monthly Based Classes- Private, Semi-Private and Water Tykes

  • A withdrawal form must be submitted by the 15th of the month not to continue into the next month (ex: Withdrawal from submitted by June 15th to not continue into July; swimmer’s last class would be the last week of June). Once a withdrawal form is submitted you will receive a confirmation email with your swimmer’s last class date.
  • Withdrawal forms can be submitted at any time in the session if you know in advance when you will need to have your swimmer removed from their class.
  • Withdrawal forms can not be submitted for past months.

Tuition & Billing

What is the Class Tuition?

Session Registration Fee $15 per swimmer ($45 maximum per family) Billed at the start of every session at the time of registration.

  • Group classes: $24.50/class
  • Private: $49/class
  • Semi-Private: $38/class per swimmer

What Payment Methods do You Accept?

  • An automatic payment account with your credit or debit card is required to set up your Crawfish Swim School Membership.
  • The Crawfish Swim School does not accept cash, bank draft, or check payments.

How will My Account be Billed?

All accounts are billed on the 1st of each month. If the 1st falls on a holiday or weekend accounts will be billed on the next available business day.

How Many Classes am I Billed for Monthly?

Accounts are billed on the 1st of each month for all classes available to your swimmer that month.

Your monthly tuition total accounts for all weekdays each month (ex: There are 5 Mondays in June; Monday group classes will be billed $122.50).

Is Tuition Ever Pro-rated?

  • Tuition is pro-rated for our published Crawfish Swim School pre-scheduled holidays and closures.
  • If you are enrolling mid-month or session tuition will be pro-rated based on your start date. You will not be billed for monthly or session classes you missed due to later enrollment.
  • Billing is not pro-rated for absences, vacations, sickness, etc.

Missed Classes & Makeups

Do you offer makeup classes?

We encourage parents to choose class times they will be able to consistently attend throughout the entire session or months they plan to participate in swimming lessons. Consistency is key to swimmers learning and maintaining their hard earned skills. We do understand that our swimmers will get sick or have unavoidable conflicts with their swimming classes therefore, we do offer makeup classes.

Am I Guaranteed a Makeup Class?

Makeup classes are a courtesy and subject to availability. They are not guaranteed for any or all missed classes.

When are Makeup Classes Offered?

Makeup classes are scheduled into existing class openings or absences.

Do Makeup Classes Expire?

  • Missed classes are eligible for a makeup class for one month from the missed class date.
  • Makeup classes are forfeited once they expire or when a swimmer withdraws from the program.
  • Swimmers must be enrolled in the current session to use a makeup class.
  • There are no makeup classes for makeup classes.
  • Absences and unused makeups will not be credited towards future tuition.

How do I Schedule my Makeup Class?

  • Parents schedule their swimmers absences and makeup classes through the Parent Portal, under the Makeup and Absences tab.
  • Makeup classes are $5 per makeup class. The fee is non-refundable or transferable between makeup class days/times.

Swim Diaper Policy

Does my Child Need a Swim Diaper?

The Crawfish Swim School's requires swimmers 3 and under or those who are not yet potty trained to wear a Splash About Happy Nappy. The Happy Nappy is regarded as the most trustworthy swim diaper internationally amongst swim schools for preventing fecal leaks into the pool. Keeping our members, staff and pool safe and healthy is always our number one priority.

What is a Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Diaper?

The Happy Nappy from Splash About is an innovative reusable swim nappy that reliably protects against fecal leaks. Ergonomically designed, the Happy Nappy is shaped to cup baby’s bottom to prevent any gaping, whilst specialist waist and thigh ribs fit snugly, to form a seal that prevents any solids leaking out into the pool.

Made from super-soft 1mm thick neoprene, the Happy Nappy is designed to be gentle on baby’s skin. With no tight elastic, it has been developed to move as your baby moves, so it won’t leave red marks or chafe the skin. The Happy Nappy is reusable and is chlorine resistant, so it won't lose its shape or protective elasticity when worn again and again. This makes it fantastic value for money, whilst also going a long way to help the environment, by lowering the number of disposable nappies in landfill.

Where can I purchase a Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Diaper?

The Happy Nappy retails between $16-19. The Crawfish Swim School has Happy Nappy Swim Diapers for sale now!

Other places you can purchase a Happy Nappy:
You will need the 'Happy Nappy' or the 'Happy Nappy Duo' or a product that has a built in option of one of these.
Click Here for the Happy Nappy Website
Click Here for the Amazon Happy Nappy Store

The Happy Nappy is reliable against leaks when worn without any other under-nappy. To make changing easier, however, Splash About recommends their silver lining nappy wrap, size adjustable under nappy ($8.99/pack of 50 liners).
The Swim School does not stock the nappy liners. You can purchase here:
Click Here to order from the Happy Nappy Website
Click Here to order from Amazon

Are Disposable Diapers Allowed?

DISPOSABLE DIAPERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. This includes Huggies Little Swimmers, Pampers Splashers, etc. Any diaper that is worn and thrown away after use is considered disposable and is not allowed in the Crawfish Swim School pool.

What to Expect

What does my swimmer need?

  • Children 3 and under will need a Splash About Happy Nappy. Little Swimmers and other disposable swim diapers are not allowed in the Crawfish Swim School pool. Please see the Swim Diaper Policy for more information.
  • Children 3 and up may want goggles. Goggles should fit snugly and securely on your swimmers face and eyes. We do not allow goggles with nose pieces or nose clips as swimmers need to use their nose for proper aquatic breath control.
  • All swimmers need their own towel and a change of clothes if you’d like to change before leaving.

    Please tie long hair back or wear a swim cap.

Do we need to Check In?

Arrive 10 minutes prior to your class. Check in at the front desk and let us know it’s your first lesson!

Should we Do Anything While We Wait for our Lesson to Start?

  • Encourage your child to use the bathroom before the lesson begins.
  • Towels, clothes and shoes should be left with the swimmer’s parent/caregiver. Swimmers should only bring their goggles into the pool with them. There are lockers available for storing personal items.

How will We Know When it’s Our Turn to Swim?

Your swimmer’s instructor will call them to line up by the pool enter door. Their instructor will lead their class through the rinse off showers on the pool deck before sitting down to start class.

Will I be able to Watch my Child’s Lesson?

Yes! Please find a spot in the viewing area where you are comfortable for the duration of your swimmer’s class.

  • Please refrain from waving and tapping on the glass. We want to protect the learning environment and make the best use of all instruction time!
  • Parents may take pictures and video from the parent viewing area.
  • Please do not open the pool doors. If you need your swimmer for any reason please let the front desk know and they can bring them to you in the viewing area.

What if my Child is Distracted by me in the Viewing Area?

If your child is distracted by you in the viewing area the staff may direct you to additional seating where you will be more out of view so they can focus their attention on their instructor and all can remain on task.

What Happens at the end of the Lesson?

Your swimmer’s instructor will bring them into the viewing area at the end of their lesson and give you a quick summary of how their lessons went, what they are working on and what to look forward to next week.

Can We Change After Our Lesson?

Yes, there are changing rooms and bathrooms to change your swimmer.

  • Drinks and snacks are available for purchase through your credit card account on file.
  • Swimmers can grab a sticker on their way out!

How Long Will it Take my Child to Learn How to Swim?

It varies from child to child so we do not quote a specific number of lessons or sessions it will take any swimmer to learn to swim. Some swimmers come to the water with bad past experiences afraid to enter the water all where others will come in eager to jump right in without hesitation. Some will easily pick up skills and others will struggle with the coordination required to put everything together. Consistency is key to your swimmer learning and continuing their progress whether they are fearful or fearless.