Benefits of Group Lessons

Jan 15, 2021

In recent years, we’ve seen private lessons grow in popularity. Surely, one on one or “private” lessons are the best environment for learning, right?

Not necessarily.

While a private lesson may be the best learning environment for some children in some activities it’s not the case for all or even most children when it comes to swimming lessons. We believe group classes are most often the best environment for children to learn new skills. Here are just a few reasons why:


We keep our class sizes small at the Crawfish Swim School ensuring swimmers are able to have a break to rest but not sit stationary for too long. Can you imagine performing a full body exercise for 30 minutes without stopping? Neither can we! During their classmates' turn is the perfect time for other swimmers to have a rest, especially if they’re nervous or having a particularly difficult time mastering a new skill.

Observational Learning

Taking turns gives swimmers the opportunity to watch their peers perform skills that are expected of them. By having one swimmer demonstrate a skill the instructor is also able to continue to give instruction to the resting swimmers.

Contagious Courage and Confidence

Courage and confidence are contagious! Swimmers watching their classmates perform skills they are nervous to try can help them build the courage to give it a try on their own.

Friends & Fun!

Anyone who has attended a workout class knows it’s much more fun with a workout buddy! Our group classes are offered on a session basis to ensure swimmers stay with their group for the duration of the session (unless they advance skill levels or need a schedule change). Swimmers learn their best when they're having fun with their swim friends!

When are Private Lessons the Better Option?

A private lesson is sometimes the best environment for a child to learn and thrive. Here are a few circumstances where parents should consider enrollment into a private lesson:

Swimmer with Special Needs

While some children with special needs can participate in our typical group classes, others will require one on one attention in order to keep them safe and continually learning throughout their lessons experience.

If you are unsure if your swimmer with special needs would benefit from a private lesson or you’d like more information about our Special Needs Lessons please fill out our assessment form- Click Here.

Technical or Short Term Lessons

Swimmers who are specifically trying to prepare for a boy scout swim test, or a school or summer league team may find the best fit in a month of private lessons. Private lessons are a monthly enrollment option so if you are enrolling at the start of the month you can submit a Withdrawal Form to drop for the end of the same month- receiving only 3-5 lessons* based on registration date. These swimmers do not need to commit to an entire session of lessons if they are on the cusp of the skills they need to reach their swimming goals.

*If swimmer registers mid-month and receives 2 or less lessons for the first month of enrollment they will automatically be enrolled in the following month.

Your Child Performs Better in a One on One Environment

Some children just do better in a one on one setting. Parents know their children best and we trust your decision on choosing a private lesson over a group class!

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