Employee of the Month: February 2023

Jan 31, 2023

Celebrate our first Employee of the Month instructors Eddy and Cole!


Cole T

Cole is a senior in high school and has been swimming since he was 13 years old. He started with Crawfish Swim School at Bayou Oaks in June of 2022. "I love this job and look forward to coming to work everyday. The relationships with my swimmers and my coworkers makes every single day of work worth it. I've liked learning how to work with kids"
"We chose Cole to be our first employee of the month because from the moment he began here at Crawfish Swim School, he puts in 100 percent and always strives to learn more. Cole has been amazing at creating connections with the kids and boosting their love for swimming just as much as he does. The past two sessions Cole has flourished into an amazing peer and instructor and really has shown his strengths in the pool and outside of the pool. He is always the first person to ask if anyone needs help and is always open to help others no matter what!" -Haylee J, Bayou Oaks Director

Cheers from Peers

“ In the time I’ve worked with Cole I’ve been nothing but inspired by his work ethic. The fondness and genuine care he has for his students is nothing short of admirable. Cole has been and will continue to be a vital part of our team and his motivating work ethic will be something I carry with me for a long time.” -Camille R
“I feel like Cole does an amazing job with instructing his kids. Even when he he has tough classes he handles them with lots of patience and kindness. He always seems like he wants his kids to do the best that they can do and is willing to help them in any way so they can succeed!” -Abby P

Eddy T

Eddy is a Production Assistant with a focus in Lighting and Editing who also finds his purpose teaching swim lessons. He's been with Crawfish for 10 years between our swim team site on Bluebonnet and the Swim School on Siegen Lane. "The relationships I've built with my families and swimmers is amazing. Having kids come back and request me is always a good feeling. I love knowing the families I've been helping are excited with what they're swimmer is doing and that they are safe. I couldn't ask for a better work environment and coworkers. Everyone has a great work ethic and makes work not feel like work. I'm thrilled that what I'm doing here is making a difference and continues to make a difference."
"We chose Eddy for our first Employee of the Month because he is such an integral part of our team. Parents love his calm and soothing spirit with their nervous swimmers and his fun loving energy with their experienced swimmers. You can see how much his swimmers love him as they walk in the front doors and call to him in the pool - 'Hey Mr Eddy!!', with a big wave. Between his full time schedule with production and his work at the swim school he could easily say he didn't have time to help his coworkers with pickup shifts however, he is one of the staff who helps out his peers the most." -Kayla D, Swim School Director

Cheers from Peers

"Eddy is such a wonderful instructor and person. He is so calming that even the most nervous kids are excited about swimming within minutes. Eddy comes in with a smile on his face and is always ready to help where he can." - Courtney S
"Working with Eddy is nothing but a pleasure and you can't help but try to imitate him. During my time training with Eddy, he showed me how to effectively manage my time, how to teach kids pool safety, and how to treat it in a serious way, but most importantly showed me what it looks like to encourage and support the kid's growth as swimmers. Eddy is kind and gentle, but he is also an excellent instructor and willing to put his all into each child as if they were his own children." -Tyler N
"I always look forward to working with Eddy. He brings so much energy to his classes and I'm amazed at how well he does with every single kid. I'm always learning new things from him!" -Isabella G

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