Employee of the Month: July 2023

Jul 01, 2023

Emily D

I have been teaching at Crawfish a little over a year now. I am from Prairieville, LA, am a recent graduate of Dutchtown High School, and will be at the University of Alabama in the Fall studying Music and Neuroscience. I love staying active and being in the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, working out, and reading. I've played sports throughout my life, including swim team for 10 years!

My favorite part of working here is watching the students develop their skills and grow to trust their instructors. My coworkers are absolutely amazing and I feel it's special that we all have the same goal and help each other achieve it; giving the gift of swimming. I am grateful for the friendships I have made here.

I have a lot of great memories at Crawfish, and the best memories are when I have a kid or class, typically in 2-3 year beginner 1, who come in scared and crying. Within a few weeks they walk in with smiles on their faces, excited to swim. They will clap for each other, beg to swim another time, and give me hugs because they are so happy learning to be strong and confident swimmers. They love showing their skills, and they get so excited to jump in the pool and swim to the wall. This is my favorite level/skill to teach because it is the building block for so many milestones. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my students learn to trust me and themselves in the water.

"Emily truly embodies pure joy! It is immediately apparent how much she loves her job and how much pride she takes in teaching the moment you see her with her students. She is the most encouraging and patient. She is her students' biggest cheerleader and their success is her greatest joy! It is a true pleasure to watch Emily teach and work alongside her!" -Sarah M, Adaptive Aquatics Director

Cheers from Peers

"Emily is such an amazing instructor. She makes sure all her kids are comfortable in the water and she's always excited to see them. Her energy with the kids is unbelievable and she can calm a kid down so quick and easy it's almost like she has superpowers. I'm glad I was able to meet you and I learned a lot from the days I trained with you. Congratulations Emily!" -Stanford

“I love working with Emily because her positive attitude is so contagious and her dedication to her students is inspiring!” -Abby

Baylea W

Hi, I’m Baylea and I am currently in the middle of my second session with Crawfish! Outside of work, I am in high school and will be a junior this fall. My favorite thing about working at the Swim School is getting to see my kids' progress and use the skills I teach them in the real world.

One of my favorite memories while teaching was when I had a brother and a sister in a class together, the entire class they were trying new things and pushing themselves as far as they could. They were constantly lifting each other up and giving each other encouragement. It was a super sweet moment to watch!

My swimmers may not know that I also went to Crawfish when I was their age. I think my days in swim lessons really helped shape my childhood and taught me skills that I still use today when I swim.
Check out baby Baylea with Coach Tori.

I love teaching the kiddos roll overs because they are very helpful when swimming. When a child can successfully do a roll over it can be life saving for them! I am very honored to receive Employee of the Month and cannot wait for my future with Crawfish Swim School!

"Baylea has been such a growing element of our team since the day she started. Though it has only been a handful of months she has been with us she has shown how much this job means to her by how much effort she constantly is putting in. She is always wanting to learn more and grow every day she is here. We are so lucky she came to us and she is such an integral part of the team. I am so proud of how much she has flourished here with us!"
Haylee Johnson- Site Director of Crawfish Swim School Bayou Oaks

Cheers from Peers

"Baylea has been an amazing asset to our team. We appreciate the love and dedication she has as an instructor. She always has such a positive attitude when it comes to teaching her lessons. Her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. We value her patience so much." - Kyleigh D

"Baylea has such a sweet soul and is a natural with her kiddos. She is always smiling and her smile is so contagious. I love watching her teach because you can tell she has such genuine fun working with her kids and all of her kids love her so much." - Gracie E

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