Employee of the Month: October 2023

Sep 29, 2023

Faith F

Hi, my name is Faith and I am a junior accounting major at LSU. I’m originally from Pine Prairie, Louisiana but have been living in Baton Rouge full time for about a year. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing with my dog, and watching lots and lots of TLC “trash” tv.

I have been teaching at the Swim School since April of this year. My favorite thing about working at Crawfish Swim School is definitely the relationships I have with my kids. I truly enjoy asking them about their day and seeing their smiles after doing a hard skill for the first time.

My favorite thing about my coworkers is how friendly and close everyone is. I enjoy talking with all of my coworkers during our gaps between classes and everyone is always super supportive. I don’t think I have one specific memory that is my favorite, but one that sticks out in my brain is when I asked one of my kids what song she wanted me to sing while she do her floats, and her response was “Moana”.

My favorite skill to teach is probably side breath. It’s a hard one for kids to learn, but I love seeing the joy on their faces when they are finally able to do it. I also feel like it’s a little bit easier for me to explain and show to kids rather than things like dolphin kicks or rollovers. My swimmers may not know that I am an extreme animal lover. I love all forms of pets including exotic pets and farm animals.

"Faith is always so cool, calm, and collected while teaching lessons. She can relate to any child and match their learning styles in such an innate way. Faith is an amazing asset to our team! She is constantly seeking out ways to help others as well as seeking advice to grow her teaching skill set. Congratulations Faith!" -Sarah M, Adaptive Aquatics and Training Director

Cheers from Peers

"Faith is such an awesome person. She is kind, funny, and such a great listener, which translates so well into her teaching her swim lessons and how she treats the kids in her class. Not only is she an awesome instructor but she is also a huge help to the rest of her coworkers. She is regularly the first to pick up a shift when someone falls under the weather. She is truly a deserving recipient of employee of the month!" -Tyler N

"Faith never fails to ask her kids how school was or how their day went. Every time I get a chance to water her teach, she's always super patient and willing to help with whatever the child is struggling with." -Jada

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