Employee of the Month: June 2023

May 31, 2023

Stanford W

I was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. I graduated from Edna Karr High School in 2019. I attend LSU and I am currently studying Psychology. My hobbies are playing video games, listening to music, and watching tv shows and movies. I have been teaching at the school for 6 months now. My favorite things about working at the Swim School is getting to see the kids and how they really progress over time with their lessons, all the funny moments with the kids, and I get to see my coworker’s. I love how unique and funny my coworkers are and I enjoy getting to hang out with them every day at work. My favorite skills to teach are freestyle swimming and roll overs. One of my favorite teaching memories is when I have to teach the twins and every time I ask them “are ready to swim”, they would respond with either yes or swim. Something my swimmers may not know about me is that I have a black belt in Taekwondo.

"Stanford has gone above and beyond for us. He is always helping out fellow instructors and has been someone we’ve truly been able to rely on. His kids’ faces light up when they see him and his easy going personality shines through even when teaching the most nervous of kids." -Courtney S, Siegen Lane Assistant Director

Cheers from Peers

"Stanford and I trained together so he was my very first friend here. He's a great teacher and really cares about his kids." -Alanna H

“Stanford is an extremely hardworking guy who always finds a way to make teaching swimming fun for all of his students. He puts true care and love into what he does and it reflects positively in his work and through the smiles on the kids faces when they enter and leave the pool. There's nobody else I'd rather be working beside in the pool, he makes it extremely easy to do my job and his easy going personality makes him fun to work with simultaneously. Love you Stanford!” -Luigi A

Michael S

My name is Michael Stewart, I live in Prairieville Louisiana and am currently on my way to finish my last year of high school as a senior at Dutchtown High School! I have been teaching at Crawfish Swim School for nearly a year now, and I have loved every second of it. My favorite thing about working here is that I can use my teaching skills in order to teach kids something I love doing as well. I feel so accomplished when I watch my kids performing above and beyond, reaching their goals, all the while we have fun together in our environment. I absolutely LOVE how inviting my coworkers are to questions, as we have almost formed our sort of small family, which ultimately makes work more enjoyable for everyone. My most memorable and fun memory of working at Crawfish would have to be the times that I am able to put smiles on my kids faces through my personality, all while teaching them life long lessons that are honestly a gift for their lives. My favorite technique to teach has got to be scoops and kicks as there is something so satisfying about teaching a kid the right way to move their arms and legs. A little something that some swimmers may not know about me is that I am still unsure what I want to major in for college but I know that it will be something in the medical field. During my free time I also LOVE to swim and play video games!

"Since the day I trained Michael in the water I could tell he would excel at his position as an instructor. He has grown into his place here at the swim school and he keeps growing. He always wants to learn new skills to help teach his kiddos to the best of his abilities and broaden his knowledge as well. Just a few weeks ago he came to me because he wanted to start learning how to teach our Water Tykes lessons. Within three lessons he was completely being independent and asking questions on how he can continue to grow on this newly learned skill set. He has been such a monumental part of this team and I am so proud of all his accomplishments with us."
Haylee Johnson- Site Director of Crawfish Swim School Bayou Oaks

Cheers from Peers

"Michael is a joy to work with! He always is seen working with a smile on his face and positive attitude. Michael loves to teach his kids new things and for him to learn them as well. Michael has worked super hard these previous sessions and progressed immensely, I loved getting to see him grow as a swim teacher! Michael is a great friend to have around and an awesome swim coach! Congrats Michael!!" - Abby P

"Michael is such a pleasure to be around, he is always laughing, smiling, or spreading positivity. No matter what the circumstance Michael always has a positive outlook and it is very inspiring! When he is in the water teaching he makes his lessons so fun but so educational at the same time! Recently, we got to watch Michael explore working with and teaching the water tykes class, and it was amazing to see how he was always pushing himself to keep making his classes better and better! He is a great instructor, coworker, and friend. I can not think of a more deserving person to achieve this award. Congrats Michael!" -Baylea W

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