Employee of the Month: May 2023

May 01, 2023

Isabella G

I’m Isabella and I’m from Baton Rouge. I’ve lived here my whole life, graduated from St. Joseph’s Academy, and now attend LSU. I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. I enjoy reading, music, coffee shops, and spending time with my family and friends.

I make three years at the swim school this June! My favorite thing about working at the swim school is watching my kids grow every session. As they gain trust with us as instructors, their personalities and confidence really come through. I love to hear about my swimmers’ interests, watch them find their favorite thing about swim, and see how they learn to be proud of themselves through every learning step. Everyone working here is so wonderful and I’m grateful for the ability to form many friendships that exist outside of work.

There’s so many memories I have here, so it’s hard to pick just one! My favorite memory from this session is having this 2-3 year old group where each swimmer was scared and crying coming into the lesson. Now, they run to come into lessons, cheer for each other after every turn, and tell me about everything they’ve learned in swimming throughout the lesson, so proud to show they know it. This is probably my favorite level/skill to teach because it’s always so rewarding watching a kid build their trust with me.

One thing my swimmers probably don’t know about me is that I’m 20 years old. They love guessing that I’m either 8 or 80, occasionally I get a 52.

"Isabella is a joy to have on our team in and out of the water. She brings a positive light to each shift she works and you can see how much she genuinely enjoys her time with her swimmers and her coworkers. She's patient with the new swimmers and pushes the experienced swimmers to get better each lesson." -Kayla D, Swim School Director

Cheers from Peers

"Isabella does such an amazing job with every child she works with! She greets each and every student with the biggest smile and strives to provide them with the absolute best experience each and every lesson. Isabella has been with us for three years and it has been an absolute joy to watch her grow as an instructor as well as a person. She has a knack for knowing exactly what her students need to grow and learn. Isabella has become a role model for her coworkers and brings out the best in others!" - Sarah M, Adaptive Aquatics Director

“Isabella is amazing to work with, no matter what is going on she always has a positive attitude and truly enjoys teaching kids life saving skills. It is very obvious that she truly cares for the kids well being while at the same time having fun. The kids are always happy to be with Isabella. I definitely could not appreciate her enough for her willingness to step up and help her coworkers in times of need. She's always super funny to talk to, and never see her without a smile on her face.” - Tyler M

Kayla M

I started at crawfish aquatics in January of this year. My favorite thing about working at the school is seeing kids progress and really become self-sufficient in a skill that is so valuable! I also love how positive and just truly kind and genuine my coworkers are, and how they are always willing to help in anyway. My favorite skill to teach is definitely floating, both front and back floats. One interesting fact about me is I love all animals and have had 10 species of pets. I’m from Baton Rouge and I lived here for 17 years before I moved to Austin, TX. I currently go to LSU and I will be graduating in December with a bachelor’s in biology.

"Kayla M. Has been a great addition to our staff since she came in. She warned up quickly to everyone and every child like she had known them for a while! She is so patient with her kids and strives to ensure each child has their own individual needs met. We appreciate her so much!" -Haylee, Bayou Oaks Director

Cheers from Peers

"Kayla has such an amazing personality that shines onto her kids & to her coworkers. I can proudly say that I always have a smile on my face when we communicate, and even see the kids faces light up as she teaches them this lifelong gift." -Michael S

"Kayla is a valuable asset to the team! She is the sweetest and super supportive with her kids! Kayla always greets you with a smile!" -Abby P

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