Healthy, Happy, and Here

Nov 11, 2021

Early November is the time everyone starts to slow down. Halloween comes and goes and takes Daylight Savings Time with it. The weather finally starts to cool off and there’s a couple weeks before the holiday rush starts. During these weeks everyone starts to reflect on the past year...or two years, everything since March 2020 seems to run together, right? So before we all start the hustle towards the holidays we wanted to reflect on what we’re GRATEFUL for at the Swim School.

G - Great Customers

We are grateful for YOU, our Swim School families! The first and biggest thank you goes to the parents who trust us with their most valuable possession, their children! We take that responsibility very seriously.

R - Reviews

For the past 20 years our business as Crawfish Aquatics and now as the Crawfish Swim School has thrived on word of mouth recommendations. Did you know you can leave a google review too? It’s as simple as googling “Crawfish Swim School” and clicking “Write a Review”. We appreciate every single one!

A - Awesome Kids

Ask anyone that works here what their favorite part of their job is and you would get the same answer from every single person. The kids! We get to see kids blossom as they learn life saving skills and build confidence every single day! We love our swimmers and we are blessed to be able to be a small part of their big journey.

T - Technology

Seriously, how did anyone survive without all the world’s answers at their fingertips? Thank God for technology! We recently updated our website to include a Skill Level Finder to make enrolling your swimmer into the right class even easier. Our Parent Portal makes it super simple to schedule makeup classes for missed lessons and new classes for upcoming sessions.

E - Excellent Instructors

We are thankful for our instructors who believe in what they are doing - saving lives! They are eager to learn and are committed to our families. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do everyday without them.

F - Friends

Friends are one of life’s best gifts. We get so many special requests for instructors each session because they truly become your child’s buddy. And let’s not forget the friendships built in the water between classmates and out of the water between parents in the Parent Viewing Area.

U - Uninterrupted Quality Time

It’s rare these days to not have some kind of distraction - work, homework, cell phones, emails, social media, children, etc. Our Water Tykes class gives parents (and sometimes grandparents!) the opportunity to really disconnect from the outside world and focus 100% of their attention on their little one for a full 30 minutes.

L - Learning Opportunities

Swimmers have learning opportunities every lesson, even while practicing skills that they have already been introduced to! Click here to see our blog on why repetition is so important. Practicing and ultimately mastering skills helps build their confidence turn by turn. We believe in being lifelong learners too! With a staff who is so eager to build their skillsets we provide continuing education trainings every month.

H - Health

Yes, we know, there’s not an 'H' in GRATEFUL but we really couldn’t make a list of what we’re grateful for without throwing health in there. So here’s our 'H', and boy are we are thankful we’ve been able to avoid any COVID outbreaks at the Swim Schools. We’re Healthy, Happy, and Here, ready to teach swimming lessons!

What are you thankful for? We’ll have some papers now through Thanksgiving that you and your swimmer can fill out of what you’re thankful for this year and post on our windows.

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