Swimming Lessons & Covid-19

Aug 03, 2020

The Crawfish Swim School team is tracking developments and guidance from local and federal agencies and will provide updates to our plans and policies as necessary. If you have any specific concerns that are not covered here please reach out to your Swim School office.

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Is the Crawfish Swim School open?

  • Yes! We are open and holding all of our regular group and private lesson classes. We have made some changes to our schedule to accommodate recommended guidelines for managing COVID-19:
  • We have decreased the number of classes we offer at a time to limit the amount of people in the building to remain around 25% of our normal operating capacity.
  • We have added a 10 minute break between each lesson class. This allows time for the current class to gather their swimmer(s) and their belongings and exit before the next class enters the building.

Is it safe to swim?

Yes, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has stated that it is safe to swim because the COVID-19 virus cannot be transmitted in properly maintained chlorinated water (see more here). Our pools are privately owned and operated and are only open to our active members. Our pools are properly chlorinated by a UV and ozone filtration system. In addition, our top of the line air filtration system provides the best indoor air quality- even for those with respiratory problems.

Who can come to swim lessons?

We ask that parents or guardians coming with swimmers to their lessons be limited to one. We understand this is not possible for some families with multiple children.

What are the requirements for those coming to watch swimming lessons?

  • Both Swim School locations are in parishes that are under the statewide mask mandate. We require everyone who enters the building over 8 years of age to wear a proper face covering for the duration of their time in our facility.
  • We ask everyone to self-monitor their own social distancing following the 6ft suggested social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC.
  • Please do not attend swimming lessons if your swimmer or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

What is your staff doing to protect members from the spread of COVID-19 at the Swim Schools?

  • Staff members are self-monitoring for any symptoms of COVID-19 and are prohibited from coming to work until symptoms are cleared or a negative test has been taken.
  • Staff members temperatures are taken before every shift; sometimes twice per day if working morning and afternoon shifts.
  • Our front desk staff are wearing face masks and sanitizing all used surfaces between each class.
  • Our swim instructors are wearing face masks and practicing social distancing when coming out of the pool area to speak with parents.
  • We have hand sanitizer throughout the facilities for everyone’s use.

What can members do to protect themselves, each other, and the Swim School staff from the spread of COVID-19?

  • Please do not attend swimming lessons if your swimmer or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Please do not attend swimming lessons if your swimmer or anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19 without proper clearance to return to everyday activities.
  • Wear face coverings prior to entering the Swim School and for the duration of your stay in the facility.
  • Sanitize your and your swimmer’s hands upon entering the facility. We have hand sanitizer in multiple stations throughout the facilities.
  • If possible, have your swimmer come and leave in their swimsuit.

What happens if we miss classes due to COVID-19 exposure or contraction?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we have expanded our Makeup Policy to unlimited makeup classes for missed lessons.

If your swimmer will be out for more than 4 lessons due to Coronavirus please contact your Swim School office email to speak with a Site Director. siegen@crawfishswimschool.com (Ashley) bayouoaks@crawfishswimschool.com (Sarah)

We are grateful to have the opportunity to be open and teaching our swimmers. We take the safety of your family and our staff very seriously. Thank you for working with us to provide the safest environment for your family, fellow members, and our staff.

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