Water Safety Matters No Matter the Season: Why Your Swimmer Should Swim Year Round

Oct 09, 2020

Summer is officially over. This is the time of year that many parents start to question “Should my child continue swimming?” The short answer is YES, your child should absolutely continue swimming. Here’s why:

Lifesaving Skills Are Always In Season

As our previous blog covered, swimming is a life skill that requires maintenance. Water safety hazards do not disappear after Labor Day and no parent wants their child’s life saving skills to be rusty when they are needed. Consistent practice of lifesaving skills will prepare your swimmer to save themselves, especially in an emergency.

Physical & Mental Fitness

There are few things that are as physically beneficial for children as swimming. It’s a full body workout with no hard impact on growing joints and is relatively low-risk for injury. Studies have shown children who participate in early childhood swimming lessons have cognitive abilities more advanced than their peers who did not participate in early childhood swimming lessons.

Protect Your Investment- Protect Your Child

A young swimmer who only swims in the summer will most likely need to start the learn to swim process over every year. Swimmers will have to reacclimate themselves to the water and relearn the skills they worked so hard for during the previous year. Parents can better invest their money in maintaining their child’s established skills, and building new ones year round, thus increasing their water aptitude and overall safety.

Skill Building and Maintenance

Learning to swim is a continued learning process that builds progressive skill sets off one another. Taking a break from swimming lessons will not only stop the learning of new skills, but also stop the maintenance of a swimmer’s established skill set. The younger the child, the more quickly their swim skills diminish without consistent practice. Swimmers can maintain and build their swim skills with as little as one lesson per week!

Swim lessons are easy to keep in your weekly schedule at the Crawfish Swim School.

We offer morning, afternoon, and evening time slots for our once per week classes, 7 days a week.
And even if it does mean juggling things in your weekly schedule in order to add in a swim class, we promise it will be worth it as your child gains stronger swimming skills and confidence in the water.

Head to our Registration Center and enroll today!

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